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Matthew C. Schimenti

It’s the middle of winter and out on Lake Nokomis in Minnesota there is a cut in the ice made by a hockey skate. This is the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships and that cut in the ice is sharp and deep, the precursor to a stride made with conviction.
Every year, Matt Schimenti, President of Schimenti Construction takes his team out to that frozen sheet of ice because it is a chance to wear the company logo, show what you’re made of, and compete.
A 20-year veteran of the business, Schimenti is the third generation of his family to be involved in the design and construction industry. He founded the organization in 1994, steering it toward a focus on retail construction.
Over the past decade, that logo on the front of the jersey, the Schimenti Construction logo, has become synonymous with success in the retail construction industry. In that time he has served as an active leader with the Retail Contractors Association (President 2008 - 2012), the AGC of America and on the Advisory Board of the Conference Committee for SPECS.
That cut in the ice reflects a pride and passion that Matthew and Team Schimenti bring not only to Lake Nokomis each year, but to work each day.  It is why Schimenti Construction’s client list includes many of the most recognizable names in retail.
Matthew graduated from American International College (he played hockey there, too) with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Finance.  He joined his father’s company, AMD Construction Corporation, and over the course of 10 years became an expert in all facets of the industry by holding a number of increasingly demanding positions, including Estimator and Project Manager.
No shortcuts. Deep, sharp cuts on a frozen lake… heading toward the goal. It is part of a philosophy that is the foundation for the company’s success:  “Going Beyond Expectations,” and consistently developing, nurturing and valuing client relationships and providing clients with service that exceeds expectations.
Matthew is an avid golfer and hockey player; he is actively involved in youth sports and has coached youth hockey and soccer.