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Anthony Loguercio

Years in industry
Year I joined Schimenti Construction            
What I love about construction
Construction allows me to be creative professionally and personally. My field experience has given me a broad knowledge base for all aspects of construction. The fast pace and constant change, keeps work interesting.
What I do for Schimenti 
As Director of Operations I am responsible for organizing manpower for all job sites and for providing leadership and training to our superintendents. However, my primary responsibility is to make sure we build exceptional stores for our clients.
Greatest passion outside of work
My family. There is nothing better than watching my three sons play baseball on the weekend.  Maybe a close second is enjoying our backyard pool with my wife and a cold beverage.
What our core values mean to me
We have a reputation to uphold and deliver the best quality services to our clients. It is not only a reflection of the company as a whole, but of each individual that works here.
Specialized training
30 Hour OSHA Training
First Aid/CPR
4 hour scaffold user course
Recreation interest or hidden talents
I love to plant and grow vegetables and make my own tomato sauce.
Something nobody knows about me
I collect model trains and action figures.