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Todd Gutrie

Years in Industry  

Year I joined Schimenti Construction

What I love about construction
I love that we create something from nothing.  The fact that you start a construction project with nothing and by the time you are done you have something you can touch and feel is truly amazing.

What I do at Schimenti
In plain and simple terms, I secure profitable work by preparing complete and accurate estimates.

Greatest passion outside of work
Enjoying my family.  My 2 girls (4 and 5) keep me very busy.

What our core values mean to me
Our core values are the basis of what is a valued SCC employee. I also believe that our core values define a good human being as a whole in life and work.

Specialized Training
10 Hour OSHA Certificate

Recreational Interests or Hidden Talents
I love sports.  Baseball is my favorite.

Something nobody knows about me
I hate roller coasters.