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Mary Wade

Years in Industry
Year I joined Schimenti Construction
What I love about construction
The creativity and uniqueness of being part of several projects and achieving our goals together as a team.
What I do at Schimenti
I am the Accounts Payable Manager and still greatly enjoy the changes and accomplishments I have contributed to my department and the company.
Greatest passion outside of work  
Being with my son, Stephen.  He is very active in sports and I am his greatest mentor and fan.  There is nothing like watching your child succeed in life.
What our core values mean to me
Our core values are a reminder to us what accomplishments are needed in order to continue being successful at Schimenti Construction.
Specialized Training
Attended Iona College in New Rochelle, NY.
Recreational Interests or Hidden Talents  
I enjoy watching football on Sundays in the cold winter months. A BIG Yankee fan!! Not that bad of a softball player back in the day. 
Something nobody knows about me
I am terrified of heights. No bungee jumping, please