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Joseph Rotondo

Years in Industry

Year I joined Schimenti Construction

What I love about construction
Construction is the ultimate team sport. It takes leadership, skill and support players all working toward a common goal. At the end of the project you completed a building that the whole team can be proud of.

What I do at Schimenti
As Executive Vice President, I provide leadership in areas of operating budgets, staffing, training, work assignments and estimating. Also, I grow and cultivate our client base.

Greatest passion outside of work
Enjoying my family. I have three beautiful children and a great wife. My wife and I are always involved in one of their many activities.

What our core values mean to me
I feel our core values are the starting point of what it takes to be a successful employee at Schimenti. In fact if you embody the six core values…you are probably successful in life as well.

Recreational Interests or Hidden Talents
I am passionate about all sports. My kids say my hidden talent is the ability to fall asleep between commercials and yet never miss any of my favorite shows.

Something nobody knows about me 
I pass out at the sight of blood.