Schimenti Strong

When a retailer plans, designs and opens a flagship store, they are creating a statement for their brand - and their future.

The company is clearly saying this is who we are in the most emphatic way possible.
With so much at stake in the construction of a flagship store, companies are looking for experience, understanding, creativity, value-engineering and a real sense of urgency in their construction partner.

Our thorough understanding of how to get things done in the demanding New York City environment, our extensive experience in working with historic locations and difficult delivery processes, along with our talented team of construction professionals, are just some of the reasons retailers have come to rely on Schimenti.

That’s why Starbucks selected Schimenti to build their highly anticipated flagship store in Times Square, New York, in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Since it’s one of Starbucks top-performing stores in North America, it was critical to minimize the time in which the existing/functioning space was out of operation. In addition, Schimenti had to complete the full build-out while two adjacent retail spaces were being acquired. The scope of this project was substantial and included the installation of two 25-ton AC units, a 90-inch monitor, two new bathrooms, new ceramic tile, and sealed and polished concrete floors throughout the store, as well as modifications to the store front. Schimenti worked seamlessly with all the trade subcontractors, building landlord and client team to deliver a truly special store to Starbucks.

That’s Schimenti Strong.

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