A Home For EJ

In Spring of 2010, more than 30 employees and supervisors from Schimenti Construction joined in the effort to build a new house for EJ Carfi, a fifth grader residing in Ridgefield, CT.

EJ suffers from a very rare skin disorder known as “butterfly disease” which leave the skin so fragile that is breaks and blisters at the slightest touch. The Carfis had been seeking improvements in their home because of several problems including a wet basement, crawl space that was a breeding ground for mold. 

Their home had unfinished rooms, poor energy efficiency, and a poor layout for wheel chair access and no handicap bathrooms. The most important need was a clean room where EJ bandages could be changed. His mom typically spends two to three hours each morning bandaging EJ before can head out to school.

The Carfi’s were a finalist to receive a new home from EXTREME MAKEOVER but another family was chosen. At this point town residents gathered together and developed a plan to rebuild EJ’s home. Working together they engaged a number of area businesses to help support the renovations.

As a partner in this important project Schimenti Construction put together a team of highly skilled carpenters and sent them along with the necessary materials to do the sheetrock and taping required at the Carfi home. Schimenti President, Matthew Schimenti, is a Ridgefield resident. He said “this project is a perfect way for us to help a local family and use our skills to help create a new home for EJ.”

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