Target School Library Makeovers

Schimenti Construction has partnered with Target Corporation and The Heart of America Foundation to remake three New York City elementary school libraries over the last several years. We are pleased to have been able to donate labor and materials at a steep discount toward this worthy cause: creating vibrant, well-supplied learning environments that encourage all children to become better readers and learners. Our scope of work on each job included demolition, carpentry, fixturing, painting and flooring.

In 2009, we remodeled the nonfunctioning library at PS 76 The Bennington School in the Bronx as part of the Target School Library Makeover Program. By combining two rooms and installing paint, flooring, furniture and fixtures, we created a cheerful and energetic space for learning and activities.

To date, The Heart of America Foundation has refurbished more than 300 school libraries and distributed 3.9 million books in 45 states. The Target School Library Makeover Program, in partnership with the Foundation, has converted more than 100 libraries at in-need elementary schools across the country and Target continues to support these schools through ongoing reading grants. 

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