Schimenti opens new West Coast office in Irvine, California

2445 McCabe Way, Irvine, California

Schimenti opened a new office in Irvine, California, on October 15, 2018, as part of the company’s ongoing West Coast expansion. The new office at 2445 McCabe Way includes members of Schimenti's project management, estimating, field supervision and administrative teams.

The firm is quickly expanding on the West Coast and has already worked on California projects, including the buildout of Dover Street Market Los Angeles which opened this fall.

Ryan Mourhess, Director of the West Coast team, will be overseeing the day-to-day execution of strategy in the newly opened office. Charged with launching and overseeing the company's first expansion outside of the northeast, Mourhess brings nearly 20 years of experience in the retail construction industry, primarily on the West Coast. Using his expertise, he will unify and lead his team of individuals based in the West Coast and remotely. The team will be working to build the company portfolio in the new location.

Executive Vice President Ray Catlin, who is overseeing the execution of Schimenti’s 5-year strategic plan, is supporting Mourhess on this key strategic initiative.

"Schimenti has become the contractor of choice for many of the world's largest retailers - and we're proud to expand further into the fast-growing West Coast market," said Ray Catlin, Executive Vice President of Schimenti. "We're hitting the ground running out here and we are already building out a strong pipeline of activity on some of California's most exciting retail projects."

Schimenti relocated its New York City office to 575 Lexington Avenue as part of the company’s continued expansion

Schimenti Construction Company relocated its New York City office to 575 Lexington Avenue as part of the company’s continued expansion. The new 14,000 square foot location features several design elements that encourage collaboration among the company’s personnel team and serve as a sophisticated, client-facing space.


Schimenti’s move to a larger office space follows several years of rapid company growth and expansion. The company’s annual revenue has nearly doubled over the past four years, increasing from approximately $150 million in 2014 to nearly $300 million in 2018.

Our new Midtown headquarters will provide us with even more resources to keep delivering world-class results for our clients,” said Matthew Schimenti, President of Schimenti Construction Company. “We look forward to continuing our ongoing growth in New York and across the nation.”

Schimenti’s new offices are equipped with multiple conference rooms for larger company meetings and several smaller collaboration rooms for brainstorming and strategy sessions. All office spaces include premier video conferencing capabilities that enable employees to easily share content nationwide and increase firm-wide communication. Schimenti is also launching a web-based telephonic system enterprise-wide to allow employees to remotely access their personal extension lines throughout the country.


Schimenti Construction Company was named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in both New York and Connecticut


Schimenti Construction Company was named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in both New York and Connecticut by the New York State Society for Human Resource Management (NYS-SHRM) and the Hartford Business Journal. The awards program recognizes the best companies that benefit the states’ economies, workforces and businesses.

As one of the leading contractors in New York and Connecticut, Schimenti works cohesively to execute top-tier results for a broad range of clients. Schimenti’s experienced, diverse and collaborative group of employees is what has driven the company’s success.

“We are honored to be recognized for our positive workplace environment and high-quality construction services that have helped to advance employee growth and economic progress,” said Matthew Schimenti, President of Schimenti Construction Company. “As we continue executing a diverse set of projects, we remain committed to promoting employee development in order to deliver the results our clients expect.”

NYS-SHRM and The Hartford Business Journal had a two-part process to determine the winners. The first part assessed each company’s workplace policies, practices and philosophy, accounting for 25 percent of the evaluation. The second part was an employee survey on their experience working for the company, which counted for 75 percent of the total evaluation.

More information about these awards can be found at: bestcompaniesny.com / bestplacestoworkinct.com

The Schimenti team is proud to be working on 11 projects within Hudson Yards

The Schimenti team is proud to be working on 11 jobs within Hudson Yards, including retail stores and restaurants. Clients include Tory Burch, Citarella, and Scanlan Theodore, and the grand opening is scheduled this spring.

Both Hudson Yards and Schimenti have strict safety training policies. To uphold these, the Schimenti team worked with proven subcontractors with a history of compliance to these standards and maintained high levels of communication. The project teams have succeeded in efforts for value engineering in multiple projects, specifically around storefronts, HVAC systems, and finishes.

Schimenti is proud to be part of this active site in New York, NY.

Schimenti Spirit

Taking time to give back to our neighboring communities

This holiday season, Schimenti took part in giving back to the community by hosting a coat drive at the company headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Employees were encouraged to bring in any spare coats or outerwear and drop them in a festive donation box. Coats were compiled starting December 1st and delivered on December 21st to Jericho Partnership in Danbury, Connecticut.

“Schimenti is honored to work on some of the country’s most state of the art and creative projects, but the most important projects will always be the ones that allow us to give back to the community and make an impact in someone’s life,” said Ashleigh Beadle, Human Resource Manager, “It was an incredible experience for our team to be able to partner with Jericho Partners and help our community.”

Donated coats were sent to benefit the less fortunate in the inner-city area.


Shifts in Shopping Haven’t Just Affected Retailers – They’ve Also Raised the Bar for Retail Construction Managers

By Matthew C. Schimenti

When we talk about the changing world of retail, those following and analyzing the market should expand their worldview to include all facets of the discussion – including construction.

This means understanding the ways that contractors have evolved to meet challenges in an increasingly demanding retail market, including: 1) integrating specialized new technology and techniques required to build out more intricate retail spaces; 2) seamlessly aligning construction plans with retailers’ product launches and promotional plans; and 3) making advances on both of those fronts without exposing clients to unnecessary risks.

With regard to new technology and techniques, contractors are now thinking more than ever about how consumers shop and how to execute the complex design elements that retailers must include in their stores to maximize foot traffic. This can include digital touch screens, interactive displays and other elements that introduce greater functionality and direct consumer engagement into the shopping experience.

When it comes to broader operations and planning for retail construction projects, the thought process for today’s contractors must go beyond following basic project deadlines and include an understanding of the products that will be sold and promoted within the space. At a time when brick and mortar locations are competing directly with the fast-paced digital marketplace, it is just not enough to be a good and diligent construction manager. Instead, it’s crucial to think like both a contractor and a retailer – and that means planning projects around the promotional activity needed to generate strong sales.

Think of it this way: if a contractor is building out a new flagship retail space for a fall opening, that retailer is likely tying that store opening to a promotional push around a new fall clothing line. So if that store opens even a few days late, the retailer will miss the product launch and will be forced to pull back from their marketing strategy, as target consumers will be more likely to shop online. This will result in less foot traffic, fewer sales, and a dent in overall numbers for the season. It wouldn’t be acceptable to a retail manager, so it can’t be acceptable to a retail construction manager either.

Building and designing these new types of retail spaces has become a niche in itself. Retailers and their architects and designers need to work harder than ever to keep shoppers coming back and are becoming more creative in their designs and in-store atmospheres they create. That means not just telling but giving customers an experience for the products these retailers are hoping to sell. If you are a high-end athletic apparel store, for example, why not include an in-store yoga studio? Or if you are appealing to families, a retailer may want to include a dedicated kids’ section where toddlers can play under supervision while parents are busy shopping. We have already executed these types of designs and components in our work and are seeing more of these ideas take root as part of the broader trends in retail store conception and development.

Creating these unique experiences though, requires a construction manager that knows how to craft and execute a plan that fills these needs. The pre-planning stages requires someone with knowledge about the costs of the materials being used, how fast or slow an idea may take to build, as well as its overall feasibility for the space. As construction is taking place, you need someone onsite who not only knows these plans inside and out but can also solve the problems that are bound to occur – saving a retail client time and money.

While the operational work that goes into retail construction is costly and demanding, it is crucial for contractors to achieve these objectives while meeting the highest safety standards. This is accomplished by establishing a company-wide culture of safety that encompasses every project. This may seem obvious, but it has become even more important on retail jobs because heightened client demands have left some contractors searching for ways to cut corners.

Making a habit of cutting corners on a project cannot become the norm. Not only does it expose a company to legal or financial risks, but it’s just not the right thing to do and should never be acceptable for a retail construction manager.

The fact of the matter is that the retail industry is changing and those constructing their stores need to change with it, not just to ensure its success, but also so their clients can benefit from their work.



Ray Catlin

Executive Vice President

Where did you go to school?
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and my MBA from TCU.

What got you interested in this industry?
Prior to attending Virginia Tech, I knew I wanted to be an engineer. However, I couldn’t have told you what an engineer really did. As I entered engineering school at Virginia Tech, I initially wanted to be a mechanical engineer but after spending a summer seeing what mechanical engineers did I quickly changed my mind. I didn’t want to spend my career behind a desk designing things. I wanted to be outside and interacting with people. In my final year of college I took a class on Construction Management and through interactions with the professor I quickly realized I was called to be in the construction industry.

What was it like to be a part of the California office opening?
Opening up new geographic offices and expanding the Schimenti brand beyond the Northeast is a major component of our 5-year strategic plan. Our new office in L.A. is the first step in that direction. I am committed and focused on developing our team on the West Coast to empower them in expanding our business and footprint. The greatest measure of success will be not only the growth of our business and increased clientele, but more importantly the development and growth of our team and leaders on the West Coast.

How has it been working with the new team?
Coming onboard and being a part of the Schimenti team has been incredible. The amount of talent and drive our people have is unmatched in the industry. Specifically, the team in California is amazing. Ryan Mourhess has the leadership and drive to be the face of Schimenti on the West Coast. Matched with the rest of the team you can feel the energy and excitement every time you walk into the office and onto our project sites.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Most of my time outside of work is spent with my wife and our kids. Between keeping up with all of their activities and adventures I try to find some time to play golf as well as find a quiet place to read.

What is something cool you think people should know about you?
Several things – first when I was in high school I was an all-state miler and ran a 4:20 mile. When I was finished I thought my lungs were about to explode. Another cool thing is that I love to travel. Several years ago I went on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to South Africa all by myself on a quest to challenge my own comfort zone and explore the world and different cultures. I believe we should all do things that make us uncomfortable, in a good way, in order to grow and stretch our own capabilities.

New awards recognizing our achievements in both marketing & safety


Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Award


Schimenti has achieved a Gold Level STEP Safety Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors in 2018 for our ongoing efforts in the development of a quality safety program. Safety is a top priority, so congratulations to our field teams for their commitment and to the Safety department for this recognition.

Construction Marketing Association (CMA) Awards


Congratulations to our Marketing team for winning 3 Construction Marketing Association Superstar awards. Our team was recognized for our website, RFP’s, and branding standards. Check out the award-winning website


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