Alexander McQueen, the high fashion house founded by the late British designer, partnered with Schimenti Construction to establish a temporary store on Madison Avenue. The project encompassed a ground-floor sales area and a cellar VIP section, totaling 4,066 square feet. Although initially slated for completion in six weeks, the project was extended to eight weeks due to intricate finishes and delays pertaining to brand signage and light fixtures.

One notable challenge involved relocating and reusing mobile shelving from an existing Alexander McQueen location. The relocation was carried out during the early morning hours to ensure minimal disruption to the brand’s retail presence on Madison Avenue. Coordination among trades within a tight timeframe was essential. Unforeseen issues with millwork, clothing racks, and lighting design each presented a challenge, but Schimenti was able to pivot to ensure success. The commitment to overcoming obstacles resulted in the successful completion of Alexander McQueen’s temporary store within the limited 8-week timeframe.


Square Feet


Project Tour | Alexander McQueen Pop-Up, 753 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

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