Our Mission

To redefine the customer service standard in the construction industry.

Why Schimenti?

Service Excellence

We approach construction differently, delivering value beyond our client’s expectations.

People as Our Foundation

Our team is composed of the best and brightest in the industry.


We employ an open and collaborative approach with our partners.


We have the ability to go wherever our clients need, delivering in over 15 states.


Matthew Schimenti

Joseph Rotondo
Executive Vice President

Joseph Sparta
Chief Financial Officer

James Harrison
Vice President, Development

Dan Barry
Vice President, Operations

Oliver Holland
Senior Director, Project Management

Jeff Hogan
Senior Director, Project Management

Vincent Spataro
Senior Director, West Coast

Anthony Loguercio
Director, Field Operations

Pamela Desmond
Director, Human Resources

Tom Fenton
Director, Business Development

Jonas Foster
Director, Marketing

Company Snapshot


Annual Revenue


Increase in annual growth over the last five years


More than 95% of our customers would recommend Schimenti to industry peers and colleagues


More than 9 out of 10 customers retain Schimenti for new projects


Employees strong and growing


Project Management Team


Field Supervisor Team


Trade Labor Team

It’s Deeper Than Roots

Our Legacy

  • Schimenti Construction, founded in 1997 by Matthew Schimenti, represents the third generation of a family that can trace its roots in the construction industry to the 1960s.
  • Matthew’s father, Donald, had apprenticed with his own father, Michael, in the 1960’s prior to founding AMD Construction in 1971. Michael Schimenti was an architect who designed and built large scale projects, office towers, schools and apartment complexes with his partner, Max Wechsler.
  • With exceptional family history in the construction industry, Matt used his extensive knowledge and experience to create a construction company focused on quality. His passion for excellence, communication and timeliness has resulted in a company that provides the highest quality of service to the retail and construction industries.

Social Responsibility

Build Responsibly

We embrace our duty to act as a good corporate citizen, supporting our industry, our natural and built spaces, our communities, and our people. Our comprehensive strategy to build responsibly includes initiatives that empower our people, emphasize safety and wellness, improve diversity ratios across the board, and encourage sustainable practices.

As a company and as individual employees, the people of Schimenti are dedicated to being good neighbors through ongoing community involvement, sponsorships, annual events with Habitat for Humanity, local schools, neighborhood outreach and peer mentoring programs.

Building Our Communities

Our Initiatives

Health, Safety, & Wellness

We put the health, safety, and wellness of our people, clients, and subcontractors at the forefront of our business. With an industry-leading EMR score of 0.71, we are in the top 10% of general contractors in the country.

Committed to the Environment

We made a company commitment to achieve net carbon zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement target of 2050. We are at the beginning of our journey and have engaged the support of an outside consultant to help us determine our baseline of emissions, gather data, and set a plan to fulfill Scope 1.

Diverse Subcontractor Spend

We build inclusion into our procurement process and are developing a strategy to grow our diverse supplier base with MBWE trade contractors, suppliers, and professional services firms.

Diversity & Development

Schimenti signed the AGC Culture of Care pledge, an initiative to advance the construction industry as the industry of choice for diverse and talented workers by building inclusive work environments in construction firms nationwide.

We actively participate in the ConstructReach program, a workforce development program connecting general contractors with minority interns and offering experiences that expose a diverse population to sustainable careers in construction. Schimenti has hired several interns for full-time positions following the completion of their internships, and we continue to use this as a pipeline for new talent.

ACE Mentor Program

Schimenti is a dedicated member of the ACE Mentor Program, providing mentorship opportunities to high school students looking to join the A/E/C field. We sponsor college scholarships for college-bound seniors intending to pursue careers in the design and construction industry.

Recruitment Strategies

Our success in the recruitment of top talent is rooted in our commitment to engaging with a diverse pool of candidates, colleges, and diversity-centric resources.

Gender Ratios

We employ 10% more women than the industry average of 10% and our ranks continue to grow. We are committed to tackling gender disparity in the construction industry.