Five Iron Golf, an urban indoor golf venue, offers simulated golfing experiences, lessons, and social amenities such as bars and event spaces. They have multiple locations across 12 US cities, each designed as a modern sports bar with upscale food and drinks, art displays, numerous TVs, and vibrant music. Looking to build their new flagship, Five Iron worked with Schimenti to bring the 24,000 SF space to life.

This expansive playground seamlessly blends technology and luxury, providing a modern spin on the typical golf experience. The central components of the venue are 15 advanced golf simulators with cutting-edge TrackMan Golf technology. Complementing this are two upscale bars with premium finishes, including Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels and Corian bar tops. The location also features two expertly designed putting greens, various table games, a fully equipped kitchen with modern amenities, and accent walls and columns adorned with artwork from private mural artists commissioned by the owner.

A notable challenge arose from coordinating with the landlord concerning existing conditions below the slab, especially when installing plumbing at the 30-foot finished ceiling within the operational Club 101 in the same building. The team conducted detailed exploratory work to address this, allowing for phased weekend installations that minimized disruption.

As the project neared completion, unanticipated delays and evolving client demands required a timeline extension. Schimenti’s expert management and adaptability ensured the successful delivery of the project, resulting in the opening of Five Iron’s sixth NYC location.

101 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Square Feet

32 Weeks

Advanced Golf Simulators

Project Tour | Five Iron Golf, 101 Park Avenue, New York, NY

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