Swarovski, the globally renowned Austrian manufacturer of precision-cut crystals and luxury jewelry, unveiled its largest flagship store on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York City. Swarovski entrusted Schimenti Construction with transforming a 14,400 SF space into a stunning showcase that embodies the brand’s legacy through vibrant aesthetics and crystal adornments.

The entire space is filled with color blocks featuring various hues, including pink, green, yellow, and blue. Schimenti managed the construction of this two-story location with meticulous planning and extraordinary attention to detail.

The focus around the design of the space is the Swarovski octagon. This element is a prominent representation of the artistry and allure of crystal, serving decorative and functional purposes. The iconic octagonal shape influences everything from elevated wall product displays to unique try-on areas, crystal doorknobs, and hand mirror designs.

The feature staircase, designed to represent an octagon, is a striking focal point connecting the two floors. Constructing the staircase, crafted from onyx, glass, and steel sourced from overseas locations, required precise engineering and collaboration with multiple trade partners to bring the vision to life. On the exterior, illuminated lights showcase Swarovski’s branding through encapsulated glass, producing a captivating display on historic Fifth Avenue.

Ahead of the project completion date, Schimenti and Swarovski shifted to create a temporary shop on the first floor to accommodate a special event. This space hosted the Swarovski x SKIMS launch event, the popular womenswear brand founded by Kim Kardashian. Trade partners worked tirelessly around the clock to complete critical elements, including millwork and flooring, to prepare the venue for a star-studded guest list. The location opened just in time for the holiday season, approximately a month later.

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Project Tour | Swarovski, 680 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

  • “Every aspect of this project required meticulous planning and dedicated effort to bring Swarovski’s latest concept to life, marking the start of their rebranding campaign with their largest flagship store. We’re honored to have been a part of this journey, and I’m particularly proud of the work of our team and trade partners. We were managing days down to the minutes to ensure prompt delivery and precision of deliverables. This build not only showcases Swarovski’s rich heritage but also reflects our commitment to excellence in every detail.”
  • – Carlos Reyes-Paniagua, Project Manager, Schimenti

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Swarovski Opens Its Colorful New York Flagship Store On Fifth Avenue

“The 14,400-square-foot retail space boasts an immersive experience of color and light as well as visual cues related to the brand’s 128-year history”

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