Schimenti Construction Customer Satisfaction

Please rate your satisfaction level with each of the following statements:
exceeded expectations
met expectations
somewhat dissatisfied

Pre-Construction Activities

Was the Schimenti bid proposal complete, understandable, and well qualified?
At bid time, did Schimenti make you aware of plan discrepancies, code/landlord issues and site conditions?

Construction Activities - Project Manager

Did the Project Manager keep you informed of the schedule and job progress on a weekly basis?
Did the Project Manager keep you informed on change orders?
Did the Project Manager represent your company's best interest?
Overall, how satisfied are you with your interaction with the Project Manager?

Construction Activities - Site Superintendent

Was the site safe, clean and organized?
Did the Schimenti superintendent represent your company's best interest?

Construction Activities - Quality

Did Schimenti adhere to the plans and specifications?
Did the Schimenti Construction team make quality a priority for everyone working on the project?

Project Documentation

Are you satisfied with the way Schimenti complies with your paperwork requirements?
Are contract documents (RFl's, submittals, change orders) submitted within contract parameters?
Are applications for payment well organized and complete upon submittal?

Overall Experience

How satisfied are you with Schimenti Construction?
Would you recommend Schimenti Construction to industry peers and colleagues?