Construction Business Owners Magazine: Strategies for Achieving a Low Experience Modification Rate by Dan Barry

Dan Barry

By October 2, 2023People, Press

Construction Business Owner (CBO) is the leading business magazine for contractors. Recently, Dan Barry, VP of Operations at Schimenti, contributed to CBO, emphasizing the importance of a safety-first culture in construction. Dan stresses that beyond business benefits like reduced insurance premiums and cost savings, a low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) ensures that workers come to work to support their families and return home safely.

Achieving this involves leadership’s active on-site presence, building trust and accountability, continuous safety training, and thorough documentation. Furthermore, fostering strong relationships with vendors, trade partners, and employees is pivotal in creating a collaborative safety environment. Such a dedicated approach to safety not only draws top talent and new clients but also provides a protective shield against potential disputes.

About Dan Barry
Dan Barry is the Vice President of Operations at Schimenti Construction. In his role, Dan provides essential leadership to the company’s field team of over 100 individuals. Dan has evolved through the ranks of Schimenti, serving as both a Superintendent and General Superintendent, and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various sectors, including retail, corporate and commercial, hospitality and entertainment, and industrial.

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