Food52, a renowned platform co-founded by former New York Times food editors Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, is a digital hub with over 25 million followers combining content, commerce, and community around the belief that the kitchen is at the heart of the home and food is the center of a well-lived life.

The brand was relocating from Chelsea to Dock 72 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and entrusted Schimenti with overseeing the entire buildout of the entire 13th floor, spanning approximately 42,000 square feet. The extensive space features four commercial-grade kitchens and one test kitchen with a stainless-steel exhaust system tied into a pollution control unit.

The renovation presented a unique set of challenges for Schimenti, particularly with the building situated on a pier. Given the location, a crane was enlisted to bring in steel and HVAC units, including three air source heat pumps. This feat marked the first crane pick in the Brooklyn Navy Yard since its completion. Moreover, due to the crane’s position and the setback of the pump location, it was necessary to equip it with a 100ft jib arm extension to ensure the successful completion of the lift. Despite facing obstacles and extended timelines, Schimenti effectively navigated the project to completion.

The space also features spacious storage and pantries, well-appointed offices, meeting rooms, and specialized soundproof areas dedicated to video production, podcasting, and more.

Commercial Grade Kitchen

Square Feet

Commercial Grade Kitchens

Crane Pick on Location

Project Tour | Food52, 1 Dock 72 Way, Brooklyn, NY

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