• Not quite a store—the only thing sold is food from its café—Samsung 837 has been described as a “digital playground.” Samsung created the facility to function as a cultural destination in which the public can experience and explore its technology. While the technological details on display—such as a virtual reality tunnel and the world’s largest multimedia display—are stunning, the creation of this dynamic space was an impressive feat, as well. The three‐story, 55,000‐square‐foot space at 837 Washington Street in the Meatpacking district has numerous eye‐catching highlights: a gallery for technology‐based art installations; an open broadcast studio; kitchen and living room areas showcasing the latest in smart‐home technology; a playroom for family‐friendly activities. There’s even a selfie station that projects images over three stories of screens.

837 Washington Street, New York, NY

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Project Tour | Samsung, 837 Washington Street, New York, NY

837 Washington Street, New York, NY

  • “While this project included many high‐tech aspects–like a three-story media wall–some things never change when you’re building in the city: we had to do extensive shoring to prevent slab uplift when we installed a new elevator pit into the existing mat slab located below the water table.”
  • – Project Executive

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Samsung Is Opening A Massive Flagship Store That Doesn’t Stock Any Products

A three-story digital screen composed of 96 of Samsung’s 55-inch visual displays; a 90-seat theater; a portable demo kitchen; an art gallery; a multimedia studio; and a café.
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