• Located in the heart of the NYC’s Soho neighborhood, Nike Soho is a five-story, multi-sport category, 55,000-square-foot retail experience that is designed to deliver the best of Nike’s personalized services, from exclusive trial spaces to product customization. Nike describes the store as a “personal sport experience” with amenities for athletes of all levels with each floor dedicated to a particular sport. The Nike+ Running Trial Zone allows for testing on treadmills while the Nike+ Basketball Trial Zone has 23-foot ceilings and adjustable hoops for shooting and drills. The third floor’s Nike+ Soccer Trial Zone features a 400-square-foot boot trial area with a synthetic turf for testing cleats. Each experience is guided by in-store certified trial athletes.


Nike Soho, 529 Broadway, New York, NY

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Project Tour | Nike SoHo, 529 Broadway, New York, NY

Nike Soho, 529 Broadway, New York, NY

  • “You know you’re building something incredibly special when the project includes an interactive basketball court inside a SoHo retail experience. It really doesn’t get any cooler than this.”
  • – Nike Senior Management

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Nike’s New Massive Store Is the Disney World of Sneakers

The new 5-story megaspace in NYC is the most fun you’ll have buying stuff in person maybe ever.
GQ Magazine

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