Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine: Interview with Matthew Schimenti on Great Jones Distilling Co.

Matthew Schimenti

By April 8, 2022Press

The opening of Great Jones Distilling Co. located on a historic site, is the first of its kind in Manhattan since the arrival of Prohibition in 1920. Encompassing five levels and just over 25K SF, the project includes a fully operational distillery, two complete kitchens, event space, main floor restaurant, multiple bars, three elevator cars, feature staircases, and a VIP Lounge. This functioning distillery uses 100% New York-sourced grains in its craft whiskeys and serves cuisine featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine sat down with Matthew C. Schimenti, President of Schimenti Construction Company, to get his thoughts on the iconic brand. Read more about his one-on-one interview “The Greatness Returns” by editor Michael J. Pallerino.

With Great Jones Distilling Co. it was important that we captured the essence of the neighborhood and the tradition of New York City distilleries.
– Matthew C. Schimenti, President

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