Timberland SoHo: A New Flagship Build Blends History with Technology

Joseph Beyer

By April 3, 2023Portfolio

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Timberland Opens in SoHo
550 Broadway, New York, NY

Timberland, a globally recognized brand known for its durable outdoor footwear, clothing, and accessories, recently opened its New York City flagship store designed to showcase everything about the brand. This new store reflects the brand’s hardworking, “yellow boot” beginnings and its commitment to innovation in product design, sustainability, and building communities. Located in the heart of SoHo, this store pays homage to Timberland’s history while driving forward a solid phy-gital retail presence, blurring the lines of a physical and digital storefront.

Timberland chose the 550 Broadway location for its iconic building within the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District and at the hub of a vibrant retail area. Its historic relevance perfectly embodies the history of the Timberland brand and offers the space to showcase its products and build a community. Timberland entrusted Schimenti to lead the project in this historic building.


We knew how important it was for this space to reflect Timberland’s brand attributes of being hardworking and tough while also upholding the brand’s commitment to sustainability. New Yorkers are an important audience for the brand, and our retail construction experience for iconic brands made us a good partner. We understand the attention to detail needed to make this building as special as the brand and products themselves.
– Joseph Beyer, Project Manager

Schimenti was charged with demolition and renovating the 5,600 square foot space across the ground floor and cellar. During the renovation process, the team uncovered original brick walls from 1850, when Tiffany & Co. first occupied the space. Timberland decided to preserve and showcase these historic walls, leaving them exposed and intact, adding a unique touch to the store’s ambiance.


Taking painstaking care to preserve the original brick wall was important to Timberland as it speaks to the brand’s essence as an urban workwear brand. With all of the urban renovation projects our team manages, we brought the expertise needed to ensure these walls were preserved and can be showcased for years to come.
– John Taberna, Project Executive


The materials used in the store’s design speak to the company’s sustainability commitment. Recycled metal fixtures, inspired by New York City scaffolding, contribute to the industrial feel, and recycled white oak and Oriented Strand Board wood panels offer warmth to balance the industrial features of the space.

In addition to serving as a traditional retail space, the store houses a variety of digital and community-focused programming that needed to be accounted for in the store’s construction. Timberland offers workshops with local business owners, styling sessions, city hiking excursions, and other events in this new space. There is an emphasis on customization, and guests can choose laser etching, heat pressing, and embroidery on purchases as well.

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