Petco Union Square: A New Experiential Flagship Opens in Tammany Hall

Joseph Beyer

By June 20, 2023Portfolio

A renowned leader in the pet health and wellness industry with over 1,500 locations nationwide, Petco recently opened its new flagship store in New York City’s newly renovated Tammany Hall building. Just across Union Square from its former site, this new store offers a three-story pet-care experience in the heart of New York City. Bringing together a wide variety of digital and physical experiences in this landmark building, located in a highly trafficked part of the city, came with many construction challenges.

Schimenti’s proven experiential retail success, previous work in landmark buildings, and ability to manage the logistical challenges of New York City made the firm the perfect partner to fit out Petco’s entire 25,000-square-foot space. It was important to blend the design of the upscale pet care center with the classic elements and architectural charm of New York City, featuring exposed brick walls, and herringbone wood floors, in the landmark, domed-roof building. The new store features the wide variety of merchandise that you’d expect in a pet store, as well as a grooming salon with self-service options, a curated merchandise assortment, a full-service Vetco Total Care veterinary hospital, and a working kitchen for on-site production of JustFoodForDogs.

Photo Credit: Ben Hider/AP Images for Petco


On a project like this in such an important landmark building in Union Square, planning early, anticipating potential issues, and creating contingency plans was imperative to our success. Proactive measures minimized potential disruptions, and the construction process remained efficient. Schimenti also prioritized diligent coordination and effective communication early on, which helped establish clear communication channels.
– Oliver Holland, Senior Director, Project Management

The recently renovated Tammany Hall building has been designated as a Landmark building in New York. Built in 1929, the neo-Georgian structure was once the headquarters of the Tammany political machine. The distinctive glass dome was added to the building during the renovation to symbolize Tammany Hall’s long-forgotten background as a populist social club, promoting a voice for all.

Petco’s goal with this new store was to leverage the location’s distinctly New York history and couple that with Petco’s highly differentiated pet care, which focuses on creating an immersive experience that nurtures the bond between pets and pet parents. One of the unique services provided by Schimenti to create the New York-centric atmosphere was the construction of a feature staircase. Schimenti installed the cement staircase to match the surrounding floors while incorporating cast iron risers to add an elegant touch. Other highlights of Schimenti’s work include installing a complete architectural metal storefront system and implementing reinforced steel structures to support the aquarium. Each room and space was meticulously built to accommodate the amenities offered by the retail giant’s newest flagship.

The construction process faced its fair share of challenges, particularly with the building’s historic status and busy location.


Coordinating with various utility companies proved to be a complex task, requiring careful management of timelines. Furthermore, the bustling area of Union Square posed logistical challenges, and navigating through high traffic and limited space required meticulous planning and strategic execution.
– Joseph Beyer, Project Manager


The store has been positively received by the Petco team, pet parents, and the Union Square neighborhood. Check out the time-lapse video of the project’s construction, highlighting Schimenti’s expertise, collaboration, and strong leadership in the space’s design and coordination.

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