Capital One, the prominent financial services institution, set out to establish the second of its kind in New York City—an innovative community hub seamlessly merging a café with essential banking services. The space is thoughtfully designed with ample seating, including multiple gathering areas and three meeting rooms, all strategically arranged to encourage collaboration. Schimenti was entrusted with the project, building on its previous success with a similar project at 59th & Lexington Avenue. The 15,000 SF branch was built at the bustling intersection of Herald Square, establishing a centralized presence in one of NYC’s most heavily visited locations.

The project, spanning 36 weeks, encompassed planning, design, construction, and finalization phases. To bring Capital One’s vision to life, the project featured distinctive elements, including a custom powder-coated roll-down security gate, feature blue-block coffee bar area, custom terrazzo flooring, and most notably, a custom-design assist façade enclosure, which involved coordination with the MTA, DOB, and DOT to temporary close the 34th Street subway entrance to perform construction.

The subway’s closing resulted in some project delays, as the MTA’s extended review process conflicted with the project’s timeline for the façade enclosure installation. To address this, Schimenti partnered with Capital One to initiate an accelerated schedule, with trade partners working consecutive shifts. The project’s success in meeting the extended deadlines stemmed from meticulous planning and effective project management, including strategies to address unforeseen structural issues and minimize disruption to neighboring businesses and above-floor tenants.

Throughout the project, Schimenti maintained open communication with Capital One and vendors. Regular progress meetings, status reports, and collaborative decision-making promptly addressed concerns or adjustments. This transparent communication framework fostered a positive working relationship, contributing to the successful completion of the Capital One Cafe in Herald Square.

Storefront on 34th Street

Square Feet

36 Weeks

Collaboration Rooms

Project Tour | Capital One Café, 1328 Broadway, New York, NY

  • “Partnering with the Capital One team on its second location in NYC was an incredible honor and a rewarding experience. With a prime location like Herald Square and the added complexity of dealing with factors in coordinating NYC municipalities in DOT/DOB/MTA, we faced some interesting challenges. Nevertheless, our team remained focused, diligently tackling obstacles to ensure a successful project build. I strongly recommend visiting this branch if you are in the area.”
  • – Pablo Morel, Schimenti Project Manager

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