• Installation of a mezzanine inside a 19th century building presents some unique challenges, adding a reclaimed 1890s barn from the Pacific Northwest inside that same structure creates a completely new dimension of construction planning and carpentry. For Filson, we were able to achieve both features and help create a spectacular retail experience.
  • This flagship project needed a team of highly skilled and dedicated carpenters to navigate the surgical installation of a reclaimed barn trellis system; A one-of-a-kind feature that required coordination with architects and engineers who designed it inside a 3D computer environment before it was transported across the country and assembled over the course of two weeks on-site.

876 Broadway, New York, NY

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20 Week

Our Valued Client Since 2017

Project Tour | Filson, 876 Broadway, New York, NY

876 Broadway, New York, NY

  • “Assembling a reclaimed 1890s Pacific Northwest Barn inside of a flagship location on Broadway allowed our carpenters to really flex their muscle and let their skills shine. Countless man hours went into this precision installation and the results truly speak for itself.”
  • – Filson Project Manager

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First Look Inside Filson’s New York Flagship

The brand founded in 1897 as an outfitter for Gold Rush prospectors headed for the Yukon has opened up its second outpost in the Big Apple.
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