Schimenti Construction partnered with Live Nation Entertainment to manage and complete the ambitious restoration of the Brooklyn Paramount Theater, a renowned 1920s French Baroque revival venue famous for hosting legendary artists. The project aimed to revitalize the theater by preserving its historical essence while updating it with modern technologies for today’s performances.

Spanning 72,000 SF, the theater is located at the vibrant intersection of Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues. Despite its previous repurposing as a university gymnasium and classroom facility, the building has been transformed into a restored historical landmark. Schimenti’s renovation covered all eight levels of the theater, from the basement offices and artist green rooms to the upper mechanical and spotlight rooms, ensuring that each space harmonized the old charm with new functionalities.

The extensive restoration involved both interior and exterior enhancements. A key aspect was the successful integration of modern technologies into the historical structure. For instance, meticulous efforts were made to replicate architectural details such as the balcony boxes and lounges, while also integrating modern acoustic and lighting technology. This was done without compromising the theater’s historical integrity, a testament to the project’s balance between preservation and modernization.

Throughout the restoration, Schimenti navigated numerous challenges, including integrating contemporary systems into the aging structure and managing the logistics in a densely populated urban area. Innovative solutions and strategic planning were essential in overcoming these obstacles and ensuring the project adhered to its timeline and safety standards.

With its doors reopening in March 2024, the Brooklyn Paramount Theater now stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and modern entertainment, thanks to Schimenti’s expertise in blending meticulous historical preservation with cutting-edge construction techniques. This restoration enhances a key New York City landmark and exemplifies Schimenti’s ability to execute complex renovations that respect and revitalize historical sites.

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Project Tour | Brooklyn Paramount Theater, 385 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY

  • “Our team has had extensive experience renovating historic buildings for modern uses, and to work on such an iconic project was a privilege to partner with Live Nation. The successful renovation of this venue is a testament to our work in entertainment and hospitality construction. Most importantly, this project is well-positioned to serve as a cultural hub in downtown Brooklyn’s continued revitalization.”

  • – Oliver Holland, Senior Director, Schimenti

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Renovation restores century-old Brooklyn Paramount Theater to its original use

The recently completed restoration preserved historical features while adapting to modern needs.

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